Three kids, seven grandkids, two great grandkids. Eight girls and four boys in all that. I am not rightwing, religious, or a sports fan. I love anything Spanish, Foreign Languages, Sherlock, Mind Olympics and the odd pretty girl. I believe in equal rights for all so if you dont like it, with respect, piss off. Bisabuelo is Great grandfather in Spanish.


what a story

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¨I was innocent.All the accusations against me were false.I thought you knew.¨

¨I was innocent.All the accusations against me were false.I thought you knew

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ShaoLan: Learn to read Chinese … with ease!


ShaoLan’s Chineasy: Lesson 1


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I will never not reblog this gif set whenever it comes across my dash.

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Tiny living room/office/guest bedroom by Matroshka 

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Still not convinced about the moon landing but everything else is legit…






Regardless of whether you watch Scandal or not, everyone needs to watch this and see Lisa Kudrow fucking nail her scene exploiting misogyny and sexism.

I’m pretty sure that just changed my life.

fucking annihilated

Don’t interrupt me when I’m speaking.

Shonda Rhimes is everything to this entire world

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Passenger kicked off flight after live-tweeting pilot’s sobriety test

A passenger at Philadelphia International Airport claims she was kicked off a JetBlue flight after she shared the details of her trip’s three-hour delay on Twitter, which involved a sobriety test for the pilot.

The incident occurred Tuesday evening, when Lisa Carter-Knight told a local news network she was booted out of a flight to Boston by the pilot himself – after another passenger made a joke that ended up grounding the plane for hours. Apparently, when a pilot overheard the joke, he believed he was accused of being drunk.

"We had been waiting an hour, so there was a joke by another passenger - it had been a long night and he hoped there was a fully stocked bar on the airplane,” Carter-Knight said to local ABC affiliate WPVI“The pilot ran out and said ‘that’s it, everybody out by the gate.’ I’ve been accused of being intoxicated.”


La Coyolxauhqui


La Coyolxauhqui

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i have never been so upset about a fav like this?

basically what she’s saying is, call her by her right nationality. why every time it’s poc in america, they’re recognized by their descent? it’s always african-american or asian-american when most of the people getting called that haven’t even been to their descendant country. why do we have to be called our race followed by “-american” while white people don’t? you don’t hear white people calling themselves poland-american or irish-american. and you wanna know why? because that’s another way white people try to separate themselves from us, try to be on a higher level than us. they always want to be on top and look down on us. so that’s why they identify us minorities in that way. so raven isn’t shaming herself in any type of way, she just doesn’t wanna be identified in their way.

ok i accept this view

Make more sense to this point of view

You go, Raven.

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